Restaurant Photography by Bluemoon

Restaurant Styles

There are so many styles of restaurant from small, traditional English through to those that have been awarded the coveted Michelin star.

How do you want your restaurant to be presented to your prospective clientele on your website and marketing materials? How do you stand out from your competitors? Whether it be the intimate dining experience, or the quality presentation of your cuisine, we can capture it for all to see.

Capturing details

Capturing unique and interesting details within the restaurant as well as showing the overall grandeur of impressive dining and bar areas help you market the restaurant effectively. You may have invested substantially in the decoration and furnishings of your restaurant and it is important that potential diners should be shown this before they walk through your door.


As experienced restaurant, hotel, interior and architectural photographers we can meet your full range of photography needs – our aim is to help you get the most from your restaurant photography.

bluemoon’s unique images boost sales and generate interest for our clients. A range of photographs are taken at the restaurant to allow prospective diners to anticipate what treats await them at your restaurant.

Photography in Somerset restaurants as well as restaurants in Bristol and Bath is an area in which we excel. Contact us to see how we can help your restaurant.

What our customers are saying…

I’ve appointed Steve for many of my projects to be photographed because of the fantastic results he achieves. Lighting is the key, and Steve’s understanding of using it to get maximum effect delivers fantastic results.

Sue Chalmers, Merell Design & Create Ltd.