Hotel Photography from bluemoon


To show the luxury that guests can expect in your hotel rooms it is essential that the photography of your hotel is outstanding.

If you have invested substantially in the refurbishment of all or part of your hotel, potential guests should be shown the fruits of these labours on your website, brochures and advertising.

Special details

Capturing those special details within the hotel as well as showing the overall grandeur of impressive spaces such as drawing rooms is how our hotel photography helps you market the hotel effectively.

I recently commissioned Steve Ryan from Bluemoon Photography to have photos taken for our website. It was the second time I have used Steve’s services and what has impressed me again was exceptional attention to details and professional manner. The task was to take pictures in a prestigious hotel that we are carrying out the installation of new floor coverings.

Steve’s unprecedented creativity produced us great shots despite minimum time we were allowed on the site. Apart from his excellent skills and experience, Steve made an impression with punctuality and positive attitude. Personally I am more than satisfied with the service received from Bluemoon and surely will use his assistance working on future projects and recommend to other customers.Darren Taylor, Tailored Flooring


The various facilities available at the hotel are photographed to help
prospective guests anticipate what treats await them during
their stay including comfortable lounges, spa treatments
and swimming pools.

Accomplished Photography

Hotel photography calls for a special skill set and a versatile, adaptable photographer. As well as being an accomplished architectural photographer, the photographer must also to be able to photograph interior design, soft furnishings, food, people and lifestyle. All of which need to be photographed to a really high standard to effectively promote your hotel.

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