Delicious Food Photography by Bluemoon

Fancy a bite…?

We enjoy providing creative food photography for clients including caterers, restaurants and hotels. Our cuisine photography is used in a wide variety of advertising and marketing. We are increasingly being commissioned for our specialist knowledge as food photographers. We have built a reputation for providing stunning progressive food images to promote products to a variety of markets.

Producing food images that make your mouth water, we create food pictures that speak to your prospective clients.. and their stomachs!

Today’s diners expect to see how good your food is (before it is on the table in front of them), whether you are a restaurant or a hotel – therefore your food images need to be outstanding.

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Studio and location

Great food photos sell food as well as the experience of eating – let us help your business – contact us to learn more.

As well as using studio facilities, bluemoon also offers location based food photography – where we come to you! Providing food photography on location requires precise technical expertise and creative skills that allows us to provide our clients with studio-level photography in your own premises.

Food photography in Somerset as well as restaurants in Bristol and Bath is an area in which we really deliver. contact us to see how our food photography services can help your business.